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Consult Aakriti Arora, An Award Winning Nutritionist

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Meet Aakriti

She Curates Best Diet Plans For Weight Loss

If you have put on the extra kilos and now want to shed them off with a practical weight loss diet plan then you are at the right place! Dt. Aakriti Arora is a USA-certified weight loss dietician who is currently practising in Delhi and has been serving people around for sustainable weight loss for years. The best you can do for yourself to stay fit & fine is speak to her as soon as possible. She will recommend you the most effective diet plans for weight loss that will not just make you look beautiful from the outside but improve your inner confidence too!

A diet for weight loss cannot be the same for all so it needs to be personalised for every individual. Being an experienced weight loss therapist, Dt. Aakriti can develop the best and most personalised diet plans in Delhi for any individual. So, whether you have put on weight due to a sedentary lifestyle, any health condition, or even pregnancy, you can look to her.

At the clinic, she goes into the patient’s health history deeply and finds the root cause of the weight gain. By checking every aspect, she caters to the situation accordingly. Her aim is to make you healthy and fit by making your beloved foods work for you and not against you. She never says that you should cut down your food intake instead always encourage you to take healthy and complete meals on time along with little exercise.

The strategically and personalised weight loss diet plans help you to reduce fat and have good muscle mass. We want to provide you with the healthiest lifestyle forever!

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Weight Loss Therapist In Delhi


Dt. Aakriti has an exceptional philosophy to make foods you crave for work for your wellness and not to harm you. Hence, you are not at all forced to eat bland meals and compromise on your taste to lose those unwanted kilos. However, you can now begin your weight loss journey with tasty and healthy meals prescribed by the best dietician in Delhi.

Apart from it, she believes that staying fit is not a thing of luxury for just a few people but it’s a necessity for everyone. So, no matter what stage of life you are in, you should concentrate on being healthy. Keep an eye on your BMI to track your fitness and take necessary steps such as a nutritious weight loss diet and physical activities.

Why Dietitian Aakriti Is The Best Dietitian For Weight Loss?

Dt. Aakriti is loved by hundreds of weight loss seekers and is a trustworthy dietician for weight loss in Delhi for the following reasons:

Why Dietitian Aakriti Is The Best Dietitian For Weight Loss?

Kind and professional behaviour are expected from a dietitians and Dt. Aakriti offers exactly the same to every patient. The humility that she shows to you will make you super comfortable sharing your health issues with her. And, this is the foundation of a long-term relationship between her and patients.

Apart from nice behaviour, here’s all that you can expect at the clinic during and after your consultation:

Personalised Diet Plan for Weight Loss & Disease Management 

Weekly Sessions with Aakriti Arora + Regular Follow-Ups 

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Healthy Hair & Glowing Skin

Exercise Challenge + Yogic Postures to Manage Your Lifestyle Disease

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Finally met an approachable dietician with workable and easy diet plans. Thank You  Aakriti for being supportive as well as concerned. I have already recommended her to many of my patients.

Dr. Gurpreet Juneja

Dt Aakriti's diet plans are really effective and great and even easy and comfortable to follow. I lost 5 kg within a month, which is highly motivating. She has a very positive attitude towards her clients, her willingness to answer all the queries is extremely good. It has been a wonderful experience with her.
Heartfelt thanks to Akriti ma'am and her team ❤️. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Khushi Jain

After many trials and errors, I approached Akriti through Facebook and within 2.5 months I have lost close to 8 kgs. The diet she gives is easy to follow with a variety of different things.

Jasbeen Bargir

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Best Weight Loss Diet Plans

You Choose Your Plan 

My personlised plans are comprehensive in nature, they include Diet Plans, Exercise schedules and Homemade Ayurvedic Remedies

Weight Loss + Fat Loss

Lose those unwanted kilos and gain health by following our customised diet plans based on International Dietary Researches and the goodness of Ayurveda.

Disease Management

Get your life back on track with our disease-specific meal plans to manage diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid.

Anxiety - Stress - Depression + Weight Loss

Improve your mental Health and say good bye to erratic mood swings and stress eating with our mental health boosting plans.

Weight Loss + Healthy Skin & Hair

Feel beautiful inside out with our specialised beauty booster plan for  glowing skin and shiny hair.

Weight Loss + PCOD/PCOS Management

Start managing your PCOD/PCOS naturally to balance your hormones and get your cycle back on track.

Post Pregnancy Health + Weight Loss

Start losing post pregnancy weight without compromising your health with our special post natal plans.

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Hundreds of people have already enjoyed the benefits of personalised diet plans in Delhi by Dt. Aakriti, you can also change your lifestyle with her assistance. We are sure to give you the best weight loss experience ever.
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Get In Touch With Us

We have different plans and prices so you can choose the one that fits your budget and requirements and we promise to serve you in the best way possible.

Contact today by filling up an enquiry form online or writing an email at

You can follow us on Instagram for regular updates regarding our services & client testimonials that back us permanently!

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