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Meet Aakriti

Awarded Best Nutritionist in Delhi

If you are looking for the best nutritionist in Delhi, you have come to the right place. Dt. Aakriti Arora is a USA-certified and professional Delhi-based nutritionist who aims to add happiness to your life with exclusive health & nutrition counselling, advice, and diet plans. She is a qualified Nutritionist in Delhi who has a certificate in Nutrition & Healthy Living from the well-known Stanford University. Over the years, she has had only one focus which is to help individuals lose weight, find food sensitivities, and enhance nutrition intake.

So, whether you want to take care of your nutritional needs in general or want to get rid of any specific disease or condition like PCOD, obesity, diabetes, etc, you can 100% bank upon the guidance of Dt. Aakriti.

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Take a Nutritious Diet Plan from the Best Nutritionist in Delhi Aakriti Arora

A Simple Philosophy

In the present era, people are facing a lot of different health conditions and diseases due to improper food choices & sedentary lifestyles. Additionally, they are surrounded by many myths & misconceptions about well-being. For instance, people think that a regular exercise schedule is all they have to follow to stay healthy and fit but this is not the case. The exercise schedule will only be fruitful when you combine it with proper nutrition intake. In simple words, you need to eat nutritious meals and exercise regularly to keep yourself fit & fine. And, Dt. Aakriti’s Nutritious diet plan can help you a lot to achieve your fitness goals!

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Why Dietitian Aakriti Is The Best Dietitian For Weight Loss?

Dt. Aakriti is loved by hundreds of weight loss seekers and is a trustworthy dietician for weight loss in Delhi for the following reasons:

Finally met an approachable dietician with workable and easy diet plans. Thank You  Aakriti for being supportive as well as concerned. I have already recommended her to many of my patients.

Dr. Gurpreet Juneja

Dt Aakriti's diet plans are really effective and great and even easy and comfortable to follow. I lost 5 kg within a month, which is highly motivating. She has a very positive attitude towards her clients, her willingness to answer all the queries is extremely good. It has been a wonderful experience with her.
Heartfelt thanks to Akriti ma'am and her team ❤️. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Khushi Jain

After many trials and errors, I approached Akriti through Facebook and within 2.5 months I have lost close to 8 kgs. The diet she gives is easy to follow with a variety of different things.

Jasbeen Bargir

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You Choose Your Plan 

The personalised plans are comprehensive in nature, they include Diet Plans, Exercise schedules and Homemade Ayurvedic Remedies Prepared by Dt. Aakriti, the best nutritionist in Delhi.

Weight Loss + Fat Loss

Lose those unwanted kilos and gain health by following our customised diet plans based on International Dietary Researches and the goodness of Ayurveda.

Disease Management

Get your life back on track with our disease-specific meal plans to manage diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid.

Anxiety - Stress - Depression + Weight Loss

Improve your mental Health and say good bye to erratic mood swings and stress eating with our mental health boosting plans.

Weight Loss + Healthy Skin & Hair

Feel beautiful inside out with our specialised beauty booster plan for  glowing skin and shiny hair.

Weight Loss + PCOD/PCOS Management

Start managing your PCOD/PCOS naturally to balance your hormones and get your cycle back on track.

Post Pregnancy Health + Weight Loss

Start losing post pregnancy weight without compromising your health with our special post natal plans.

Many people think that a nutritional diet plan includes bland & tasteless food that is not at all interesting. But what they don’t know is Dt. Aakriti makes their beloved foods work in their favour, not against them. So, now you can conveniently take care of your body’s nutrition requirements without any challenges. You just have to tell them what you crave and she will guide you on how to make those food items healthy and nutritious for you. It’s that easy and simple- be ready to take your first nutrition meal plan from her!

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Personalised Diet Plan for Weight Loss & Disease Management 

Weekly Sessions with Aakriti Arora + Regular Follow-Ups 

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Healthy Hair & Glowing Skin

Exercise Challenge + Yogic Postures to Manage Your Lifestyle Disease