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Reach Your Weight Loss Milestone with Top Dietitian In Delhi

Dt. Aakriti Arora

As a well-known weight loss dietitian in Delhi, Aakriti Arora offers personalised diet plans that are 100% result-oriented. Not just she develops a practical and joyful diet plan to shed those extra kilos from your body but also provides you with professional support whenever you are stuck in your weight loss journey. With a fully holistic approach, she focuses on aspects such as specialized diet plans, nutrition improvements, stress management, energy development, physical workout, and even cooking skills. Dt. Aakriti knows and understands it well that one size never fits all therefore she will cater to your weight management needs in the best manner. So, you can immediately get in touch with her for online dietitian consultation in Delhi.

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What does the Best Dietitian in Delhi, Dt. Aakriti Arora Say? 

Aakriti Arora says “Good Health is not a luxury for a few but a necessity for all”. Everyone should concentrate on being fit and healthy to improve life quality. Additionally, she has a unique philosophy “Make foods you crave work for you, not against you”. So, now you do not have to worry about tasteless meals as she will make your favourite food work in your favour & not against you.

According to her your weight loss milestones achievement is only possible when you dedicatedly follow your diet plan while staying fully responsible throughout your weight management journey.

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Why Dietitian Aakriti Is The Best Dietitian For Weight Loss?

Dt. Aakriti is loved by hundreds of weight loss seekers and is a trustworthy dietician for weight loss in Delhi for the following reasons:

Personalised Diet Plan for Weight Loss & Disease Management 

Weekly Sessions with Aakriti Arora + Regular Follow-Ups 

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Healthy Hair & Glowing Skin

Exercise Challenge + Yogic Postures to Manage Your Lifestyle Disease

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Consult With Top Dietician in Delhi

You Choose Your Plan 

Begin your journey from fat to fit with Dt. Aakriti’s weight loss plans.

Explore them below:

Weight Loss + Fat Loss

People often take weight loss and fat loss as the same things but they aren’t. Weight loss includes a reduction in your overall weight of body from muscle, fat, and water. On the other hand, fat loss refers to weight reduction from fat. If you are overweight and want to keep your weight under your BMI then get a weight loss plus fat loss plan by Dt. Aakriti can help you a lot!

Disease Management & Weight Loss

Conditions like diabetes, thyroid, and hypertension can lead to weight gain. Excessive weight can make your disease management complex and difficult. In such cases, the diet plans should be thoughtfully created so as that keeps the disease effectively managed while shedding the extra unwanted weight from your body. This is where Dt. Aakriti’s weight loss & Disease management plans come into the picture. Try it once!

Anxiety - Stress - Depression + Weight Loss

Weight gain is one of the common effects of these conditions as you may overeat, have a sedentary lifestyle, and make poor food choices. Even the medications for these problems can also make you put on some extra kilos. Therefore, consult Dietician Aakriti Arora for mental health boosting plans.

Weight Loss + Healthy Skin & Hair

Weight gain due to any reason can directly steal the beauty of your hair and skin. And, this impacts your overall confidence so take the specialized beauty booster plan from the best dietitian in Delhi Aakriti Arora. In short, your body, hair, and skin will look more flattering than ever after following this plan.

Weight Loss + PCOD Management

Regulate your menstruation cycle by balancing your hormones naturally with the expertly-developed diet plan. This plan will not just help you get rid of polycystic ovarian syndrome or Disease but also keep your weight well-managed. You will feel healthy inside & outside!

Post Pregnancy Health + Weight Loss

Weight gain during pregnancy is a common thing and you should not worry about it at all when you have Dt. Aakriti’s post-natal plans. She has developed this specific plan keeping in mind the current bodily needs of her client. So, shedding weight after pregnancy is no big deal with the best dietician in Delhi.

Expert Nutrition Consultation For Fitter & Healthier You

Get Fitter and Healthier With These Easy Weight Loss Tips by Dt. Aakriti Arora

The above diet plans are highly instrumental for all but certain things are there in your daily routine that can significantly impact your overall health. Prevention is always better than cure so you can always take steps to keep your weight under control. Dt. Aakriti suggests some tips here that will help you lose weight & fat while gaining muscles. Read them below:

  • Consume at least 3 to 4 cups of fresh veggies every day

  • Say goodbye to added sugar & carbonated drinks completely from your diet

  • Choose whole-wheat or multi-grain bread rather than White Bread

  • Make your chapattis thin and small with whole-wheat flour.

  • Never skip your meals. Eat a minimum of three times a day.

  • Have as much water as possible to hydrate your body

  • Reduce your fat consumption to 4-5 teaspoons every day.

  • Consume 2 to 3 fruits every day.

  • Exercise daily for at least 15 minutes and gradually increase your timings.

Best Weight Loss Plans by the best dietitian in Delhi, Dt. Aakriti Arora

Whether you are looking for “the best dietitian near me” online for quite some time then today your search will end. She gives you multiple weight loss plans that you can pick as per your needs.

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Finally met an approachable dietician with workable and easy diet plans. Thank You  Aakriti for being supportive as well as concerned. I have already recommended her to many of my patients.

Dr. Gurpreet Juneja

Dt Aakriti's diet plans are really effective and great and even easy and comfortable to follow. I lost 5 kg within a month, which is highly motivating. She has a very positive attitude towards her clients, her willingness to answer all the queries is extremely good. It has been a wonderful experience with her.
Heartfelt thanks to Aakriti ma'am and her team ❤️. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Khushi Jain

After many trials and errors, I approached Aakriti through Facebook and within 2.5 months I have lost close to 8 kgs. The diet she gives is easy to follow with a variety of different things.

Jasbeen Bargir

Get In Touch With Us and have the best Weight Loss experience

If you are convinced even a little bit to start your weight loss journey, fill up an inquiry form online or drop us a line at

Additionally, you can be a part of my Instagram family by following me there and see all the updates and client testimonials!

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